Meet the Team


Surround Yourself with Greatness

Our team is the best of the best—we run with incredible efficiency and proactive communication, and put in great effort for every client! Because every loan is different, our team is built to consider every client scenario that comes across our desk with an extraordinary attention to detail.


On-time closings are our first and most important priority. We close on time—every time.

Team Leader

Molly is the captain of the ship—she guides the team through thick and thin, and strategizes to create the best client experience possible. With a combination of mentorship and passion, Molly leads her team to meet every client need.


Molly Nadeau

Loan Officer

Pre-Approval Specialists

The Pre-Approval Specialists are the difference makers! They are the customers’ first point of contact in the loan process, and their primary goal is to create a customer service experience that fosters trust from the start with both the borrower and the Realtor. Their excellent customer service is only matched by their extensive knowledge of all the current loan programs.

The Pre-Approval Specialists receive all initial calls from clients for pre-approvals and process loan applications until they go into underwriting. Pre-Approval Specialists also gather all initial paperwork and arrange a loan consultation meeting with Molly or other team members.


Amber Bremer

Pre-Approval Specialist

Zachary Howard

Pre-Approval Specialist

Contract-to-Close Specialists

Contract-to-Close Specialists are the true heros. Their job is to cross every T and dot every I with accuracy and speed. Contract-to-Close Specialists take over once the purchase agreement or refinance is underway, and they are your daily contact for any questions regarding the loan while it is in underwriting, as well as coordinate closing with your title company.


Catlin Huber

Contract-to-Close Specialist

Michelle Lalor

Loan Processor